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The official website of NFL | bears is rumored to be with Marshall | Rugby took part company each going his own way took over the Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) in Chicago didn't have a lot of time. Terry Boolean channel 670 Chicago bears according to internal sources, the team has decided to part company each going his own way with the Marshall islands. The report said that the bear team has not yet formally appointed the general manager, so it can not be interviewed on the matter. whether or not it is intended, Marshall this season's locker room had caused a great controversy. The beginning is a 45 minute press conference full of silence, and then in the NFL program every week to attend, and boxing have attracted hot. But on the pitch is plagued by injuries, including the 13 game against the Dallas Cowboys finished only 61 receptions with 721 yards and 8 touchdowns in the data. considering that at present, the bear team has neither the chief executive nor the general manager. If the decision is true, it may be president Phillips Ted Phillips or chairman George MacAskie (George McCaskey). Once the new general manager of his office, the first thing is to determine the fate of the issue should be Marshall before March 1st.New Orleans saints have been hard to afford to lose in the defensive team, but they are likely to face the situation. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources cheap nfl jerseys free shipping reported that safety Kenny Vaccaro (Kenny Vaccaro) - due to the violation of regulations, especially the use of Union banned Adela (a lack of ADHD prescription medication for the treatment of attention) - face was suspended for 4 games. plans to appeal the end face still can play Vaccaro Denver Broncos game. Vaccaro and Wei jarius Byrd Tour (Jairus Byrd) and von Baer (Vonn Bell) and Roman Harper (Roman Harper) and Shi Luo (Shiloh Keo) - Kaiao provides in depth, but if Vaccaro will be suspended for the saints will sign a new security guard. The saints are all the worst in the League at the present time that all the opponents pass 300 yards. Although the team has been strong, the defense team has always been their problem. Robben Waka season, scored according to occupation football focus, he is the team's safety, ranked nineteenth in the league. The saints chose to carry out his fifth year contract last April, and his contract will expire after the end of next season.Nike and Serie A Champion Juventus jointly released the club shirt for the club's 2013/14 season. The selection of the color of the shirt reflects the close connection between the club and the city of Turin. The color of the Turin City flag is yellow and blue. The shirt design inspiration comes from the successful history of the club, and the fashion design also reflects the great challenges that the player will face in the new season. The shirt passed by the Italy cup in the 1983-84 season is a source of inspiration for the new shirt. The shirt cuff is horizontally arranged with black and white stripes, and is undoubtedly a portrayal of the traditional zebra stripes of Juventus. The shirt is a Paul - style tailoring and design. The Yellow collar joins the Zebra Stripe of the club logo, the inside of the collar is embroidered with a club shield and 1897 of the club's time. A blue shirt on both sides of the edge inside, just echoing shorts. new shorts body is blue, the left leg is dotted with yellow hook Nike logo, and yellow socks. The shirt has inherited Nike's fashion, exquisite workmanship, aesthetic belief, and a variety of technology to improve the performance of the players. The shirt is made of recycled materials, reflecting the Nike's determination to protect the environment. Each shirt and pants are from 13 recycled plastic bottles. The first recovery process is to melt plastic bottles, form fibers, and make regenerated polyester. Compared with the traditional methods, it saves 30% of the energy. since 2010, Nike has used this method to recover nearly 1 billion 100 million plastic bottles. The fiber shirt weighs only 150g, 23% lighter than the previous version. At the same time, the strength of the shirt is increased by 20%, and its ductility is greatly improved. The fiber used Nike Dri-FIT technology, sweating better, making the players more cool and dry. The improved sweat channel of has many small holes, all over the Jersey's sides, and the back of the shirt. Meanwhile, the belt design of shorts lets the air flow of the shirt smoothly, making the players more comfortable and cool. Nike uses innovative technology to tailor the 3D channel shirt for countless top stars. In order to improve the comfort of the Jersey, the interface of the Jersey is boldly designed by T-bar, which is more concise and solid inside and outside the line, while improving the comfort and functionality. At the same time, it also makes the Jersey more eye-catching.NFL official website | in common to American football football | nine misunderstanding Near the super bowl, as the most heavyweight event in North America, it has attracted the attention of sports circles. Football fans and basketball fans have talked about the super bowl, but this movement has many misunderstandings in people's impression. Do a rumor of a rumor here. Football isn't football, American Football is American football. In fact, football and American football ancestry, originally this movement rule is allowed with hands and feet for kick off with their feet, so called football. In the United States as long as the mention of football is necessarily American football, and football is soccer. super bowl is that the trophy should be a bowl. actually because the stadium is built like a bowl, so all kinds of events are called the XX bowl. us all play American football, but it's not popular in countries outside the United States. and Chinese people can play a character in ping-pong / martial arts. In addition, in addition to the United States, Canadian and Japanese American football is also very developed, Europe also has a lot of League. NFL player is tall and strong, Chinese not suitable for playing football. NFL players are really strong, but not necessarily high. The Baltimore Raven team in active service, Steve Smith, is the first to start with a height of only 175cm. There is also a shorter, off - service hand and back attack Trindon Holliday height 165cm. There are two people to participate in the NFL draft with Chinese nationality, kicker Ding Long and defense Xu Xin. Two people have been invited to join the team trial, the former did not leave, because the latter is not ideal but ultimately refused to contract. These two people are waiting for a better chance. No one in is playing American football. now there are at least 30 real rugby teams in China. The national league matches have been held for two sessions. There are more than ten teams at all levels in Shanghai. If you count the ball in the flag, the 50 teams are more than all. American football is to carry the ball, and the NFL is to see the collision. , many, many years ago, American football almost didn't pass. But now it's a leading attacking League. The number of passing balls is more than that of running balls. 〉

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