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|2015 national handball handball coaches goalkeepers training classes | hand Association 2015 national handball coaches training goalkeeper position at the Olympic Sports Center on from May 25th to 29th, director of the center bangleiqiu hand song Lei attended the opening ceremony, encouraged by training students learn something and positive thinking, renew the idea. after the end of the opening ceremony, 36 coaches from around the country and primary school professional team carefully watched from the Danish Club goalkeeper coach Dane on Bao Wei national female hand goalkeeper training. Dane has summed up a set of training ideas in more than 20 years of handball career, and students have benefited a lot after class.The official website of NFL | rams coach said gorley is likely to miss preseason football | Saint Louis ram has chose cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n Todd Gurley in the tenth round of the first round this year. Gorli, a talented Gorli, is highly regarded by Todd. But because Gorli had torn the medial collateral ligament in his knee last November, it was still in his recovery and was not involved in any training. ???????????????-???????Jeff Fisher?????????????????????????????????|им??????? Fisher, , said in a local interview on Thursday that the rams were not in a hurry to let Gorli return as soon as possible. They hoped to slow down the pace and minimize the risk of injury. Fisher said, "we are going to go slowly. I don't think it is necessary for him to adapt to the regular season and force him to play in the pre-season, so you won't be able to see Gorli in the pre-season, because he still needs to resume. There is a big difference between 8 months of rest and 10 months of rest. He is now resting for 8 and a half months, so he still needs to rest for a few weeks. Fisher also said he believes that Gorli has a good understanding of the rams offense, kept in an interview in praise of Gorli's great talent. Fisher also plans to let Gorli and Trudi Mason (Tre Mason) alternated, he said: we tend to rotation system, even if Gorli returned to the 100%, I still want to let Mason and his alternate play, because Mason is very capable of running back, so I think the two combination is the best way.The official website of NFL | [SWAT] how to become a football player playing | The kickplayer (Placekicker) is an attacking player who is responsible for the opening and shooting of the ball. He can not only cooperate with the ball player, but also can use the kickball to complete the kickball alone. station started playing, playing in the middle of the court, usually in 35 yards from their own end zone. When shooting, the kick point is about 7 yards behind the long kicker. Before the opening of the ball, the kicker will measure his position according to the position of the kickball point, usually 3 steps back from the point of kick, and then move the 2 step. executes When the opens, it is kicked directly; when the shot is shot, it is necessary to match the player with the help of the hand, and the kick is completed at the moment when the ball is placed. technique kick players have an abnormally strong thigh, in addition to outside, but also can control the strength and footwork accurate, to meet the tactical needs, such as gambling play, to play in the 10-15 yards distance control. In addition, sometimes the kicker will sneak in the running guard or the quarterback, trying to move the first attack or the array.has always been a fan of Dallas Cowboys since Lebron has been a fan of Dallas cowboys. So recently, he praised the two super extra players of New York giants, which is very strange for LeBron. the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar in his long expression for Odell instagram wrote Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) and Victor Cruz (Victor Cruz) praise. in fact, Beckham and James had already been familiar friends, and two had been preparing for the rest of the season. Beckham said, "I don't want to say what grade I respect for James, because I have always respected him, he is the best athlete, and his training experience is great. Ke Luzi and James is because in Nike business acquaintance. finally, in order to express the position of his cowboy fans, James tagged "#AsLongAsTheCowboysWin" at the end of the text.

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