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The official website of NFL and Newton through concussion check process is expected to play the next game, football nest The Carolina Panther will return to the urgent needs of the players in the next game. quarterback Newton (Cam Newton) - cam has passed the concussion inspection process, obtained permission to participate in the next game against the New Orleans saints. Newton suffered a concussion in the defeat to the Atlanta falcons, and then he missed the game for the pirates in Tampa Bay. He was listed in the injury list as unsure whether to fight or not, and the manager of Ron - Rivera (Ron Rivera) said Newton should be able to play unless he was injured again. Newton does not have to say much about the value of the team. In Newton's absence, the Panther's attack team looked different in the last match. The current record is only 1 - 4, and the leopard, who will face the division again in the next game, needs their leader to return to their climbs. in the last round against the saints, Newton completed 5 touchdown pa cheap nfl jerseys free shipping sses to lead the team to win 41-38. In the three game against the saints game in the past, Newton pass rate reached 65.7%, 872 yards and 10 touchdowns only 1 passes were made steals ball. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Jacksonville Jaguar announced on Tuesday local time that the Allen Robinson of the team's new rookie Allen had to finish the season ahead of schedule due to leg stress fracture. The Jaguar took a two - round sign in the draft conference to bring Robinson to his arm. In the match against the Dallas cowboy last week, Robinson finished 5 times a total of 60 yards. This season, he completed a total of 48 receptions, with 548 yards with 2 touchdowns. This season, he bottos with rookie quarterback Blake (Blake Bortles) Peigemoqi, two people have good chemistry. In bottos become the first after Robinson became the most trusted 3 target file. although this season is only Robinson's rookie season, but from the data point of view he has gradually grown into the number one of the team to take over. This season, he has 81 times as pass target, than the more than 2 Cecil schotz (Cecil Shorts) more than 20 times. After Robinson's season reimbursement, the team needs to be more dependent on the new rookie Marquez - Lee (Marqise Lee) and Allen - Hearns (Allen Hurns).In the first week of the season, there was nothing good for the first week. The real bright spot began in the second week. The team management will work one by one to deal with the various problems of the team. 10: who will be the main of the Chicago bear bears are in a precarious position and lost new rookie Kevin White. Who will come out to save the team in the new week's pre season? We will wait and see. 9: San Francisco 49 team defense team state how 49 people have fall apart in the offseason, off injured, suddenly retired, the loss of 12 players is not a joke. The pre - season match will test the extent to which the new people in their defense team can do. eighth: Amir Abdullah's performance last week, the male lion new show Abdullah's performance let the people in front of the first bright, 6 balls to push 67 yards, high efficiency. This is Emmanuel Zhaxian or strength? seventh: Sam - the return of Bradford state Eagle coach chip Kelly last week did not let the quarterback for Bradford pony very disappointing, but this week against the crow, he finally appeared to. Look forward to a good condition of Bradford can play much capacity. sixth: dwyt Parke's first World War Parke was finally activated by the dolphin's new show, and the first round of the fourteenth rookie in the first battle was worth looking forward to. fifth: whether Jaymes - Winston and Marcus - Mario Kobita have improved The champion and second place we are already very familiar with the performance of both sides, opener on its own is not satisfied, after a week of rest, they will progress? fourth: the first quarterback debate in Buffalo Bill starting quarterback who actually, this is a big headache for Bill training camp has been plagued by the coach, Matt Cassell, Taylor de Taylor and EJ- Manuel, three people close to the levels, but the respective characteristic, Cassell, Taylor, ran with the precise Manuel arm force outstanding, who will start the game? third: the near end front problem of Washington red skin offseason Redskins found themselves without tight ends in May, two wounded, and a state of injury Jordan Reed (Jordan Reed). The interesting thing is that the 49 people have just two close fronts to deal with, and this week the game can see the result of the negotiation. second: Jimmy Gallo Polo whether there is progress Ban new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has not.Suzhou taigeer Bowling bowling |2015 member 9 month match completed all down to win 2015 Suzhou tigers bowling member 9 month of the month, finished winning the championship! champion finished runner up Wang Caixiang season Zhuang Jinfu fourth Zhang Jiayi fifth Mi Zhong Li sixth Feng Xiaobing group B award winner

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