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The official website of NFL, Elliot, O gathered in Iraq, to send his alma mater nest football gesture Dallas Cowboys rookie running back from Iraq Seoul - Elliot (Ezekiel Elliott) is a fan favorite cowboy. , the rookie runner in the battle against Cleveland Brown averaged 5.1 yards per ball and gained 2 touchdown to help the team win 35 to 10. even though he was Dallas fans, but he never forgot his alma mater's support, Elliot at the Ohio State University for 3 years to help the school won the national championship in 2014, he will make a big O this is why in the game after the touchdown gesture to celebrate. though Brown fans may be unhappy with the score, at least they can know that the new runner's love for Ohio is not reduced because they went to Dallas. ? The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.'s excellent first pace, swimming style, and short height allowed him to go back to the back of the field. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping This is Aaron - Donald (Aaron Donald), the first round of thirteenth to be selected by the Saint Louis ram of the defensive cut-off. is 1.85 meters tall and weighs 129 kilograms. Aaron - Donald was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In high school, he was selected as a team of 4A team in high school. In the last year of high school, he grabbed the quarterback 63 times in 11 times. As the thirty-seventh high school defensive end in the United States, Donald chose to stay at his hometown of University of Pittsburgh and began his college career. As a freshman, Donald played 13 games, 11 grappling and 2 quarterback for the defensive cut-off. In grade two, he first appeared and performed well, 47 tackles, 11 quarterback quarterback, 1 times to force the other side to drop the ball, and was selected into the two team of Eastern University. In grade three, he was caught 64 times, captured the quarterback 5.5 times, and forced the other to drop the ball into the first team of the Eastern University. In the last year of college, Donald performed well in NCAA. He got 59 tackles, 11 quarterback quarterback, 4 times to force the opponent to drop the ball, and he was selected as the best defensive player of the year ACC. In 2014, Aaron - Donald had 40 yards of 4 seconds 68 in the NFL show test, refreshing the shortest run time of the defensive cut-off. At the show conference, Donald was successfully selected by the Saint Louis rams in the first round of thirteenth CIS and continued to complement the defensive front.The official website of NFL | von Miller Brady was fined due to impact | football von Miller (Von Miller) was fined by the League for $8681. the Denver Broncos linebacker for the third quarter Sunday night against the new England patriots in the Patriots quarterback Tom hit illegal Brady (Tom Brady) was fined. Miller was prepared to wait for flying through the captured and killed Brady on the body, then the referee's throw and gives 15 yards of foul penalty, but similar penalties will generally be fined $17363. In fact, the game Miller had more obvious foul behavior has not been punished or yellow. After received the penalty, Miller said: "they made me angry, and I would continue to appeal."The official website of NFL | pirates running back Martin hope to enter the free agent market | football There may be a lot of good players in the run free players market. we already know that Matt Forti (Matt Forte) will enter the free agent market. It looks like Doug - Martin (Doug Martin). Tampa Bay local media reported that Martin would be a free player and a test water market. It is reported that Martin hopes to get a big contract after the best season of his career. Martin has ranked second in the past season with 1402 yards of punching numbers, second only to Adrian - Peterson (Adrian Peterson). He has 6 other shots, as well as the number of 271 yards. we had a great discussion, I think both sides believe that he is willing to stay here and we want him to stay, the pirates general manager Jason Richter (Jason Licht) said. We have to look at the development of the situation. It is reported that the two sides are not close to reaching a new contract. NFL officials believe that the pirates may use the privileged player label to leave Martin. But they may not be willing to open the $11 million 500 thousand one year label contract - even if they have a lot of wage cap space. pirates need to leave Martin. Martin Charles Sims (Charles Sims) running back combination is the last season the league's best running back one of the. 's entanglement in pirates is that they spend a lot of money on a player that can be replaced. Although Martin is likely to seek a $8 million annual contract, the pirate's opening price may be a few million dollars lower than that. The pirates may allow Martin to get into the free agent market to figure out his value, and then decide whether to leave him. in many of the running guards will be a free player in March, each of the running guards may lower the price of the others. But Martin is one of the free players who are most likely to have a big contract this year.

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