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The official website of NFL | and accelerate the progress of von Miller negotiations to raise its offer | Mustang football with the closing date of the July 15th privilege label renewal, Denver Mustang accelerated the progress of negotiations with von Miller (Von Miller). They are now raising the price. , according to local media in Denver, Miller can get the time to fully protect his income from the 2018 third years of the 6 year contract, moving forward to March 2017. This means that Miller can get full guaranteed income only if he stays in the wild horse for second seasons after the renewal of the contract, and the possibility of Miller cutting off second years before the new contract may hardly exist. also reports that wild horses have raised their income from $58 million to $61 million. Miller had hoped to want more than $70 million i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n security revenues, and the gap could be remedied in the next few days. had previously offered Miller a $114 million 500 thousand contract for 6 years, but there was a difference between the two sides on the amount of safeguards and the structure of the contract.on Wednesday's meeting, crow boss Steve Oiticica (Steve Bisciotti), told reporters that the team did not give up the near end Denis (Dennis Pitta) - pita return of hope. Most of the pita races of the 2014 season and missed second due to a hip injury, but that this has been 29 years old, before the four round of the show is old. "I'm praying for Denis that he will be cured one day," Biss Ody said. NFL stadium is to return pita is not easy, so the crow in the upcoming draft for the tight end as the target is a very natural thing, Biss Ody said "of course" crow now need a tight end, but also said the team may choose to not the first two rounds in the three or four round. , Oiticica also praised the 2014 three show proximal front crow Kurt Gilmer (Crockett Gillmore), if can't return pita, crow may sign a veteran tight end to lead the league in May is proximal to the youngest front combination.Indianapolis pony was in good condition this week, and several of the wounded were also back. Local time on Friday, the team's offensive attack back two generals: Gesideer - Qielilusi (Gosder Cherilus) and Hugh Thornton (Hugh Thornton). Two of the people were absent from the last few weeks for their injuries. Relevant sources, the team does not plan Qielilusi and Salton starting debut, but their health status has been restored to the level of the game can be. local time on Friday, coach chuck ppagano's (Chuck Pagano) said that the team is very healthy, even if it is currently absent because of injury of training player, is also expected to play in this week's game. Cornerback Greg toler (Greg Toler) and Davies (Vontae Davis HONTA) this week is expected to start with. The two will be the key to whether a pony can restrict the passing of the Denver Mustang's pass. Davies said: "we will play an important role in the game, and Greg and I have a very heavy task. We should do our best to mark the opponent over, don't give them any vacancies. It's a challenge, an important game and we have the ability to do better. "The official website of NFL |2015 announced the list of | football teams bowl occupation Erwin (Team Irvin): quarterback (QB) Toni (Tony Romo), by Matthew Staffordshire (Matthew Stafford), Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) running guard (RB) De Marco - Murray (captain) (DeMarco Murray), Mark - Ingram (Mark Ingram), C.J. Anderson (C.J.Anderson) all guard (FB) Marcel Rees (Marcel Reece) out of hand (WR) Odell - Beckham (Odell Beckham), Emanuel Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders), Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb), Gordon Tate (Golden Tate ) near end front (TE) Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham), Jason (Jason Witten) Witten attack cutting front (OT) Joe Thomas (Joe Thomas), Tyrone Smith (Tyron Smith), Trent Williams (Trent Williams) Center (C) Travis - Frederic (Travis Frederick), Nick - man (Nick Mangold) attack front (OG) Zach - Martin (Zack Martin), Meshal - Yan Da (Marshal Yanda), Kell - Lang (Kyle Long) defense end front (DE) Cameron - Vick (Cameron Wake), Robert - Quin (Robert Quinn), DeMarcus - Ville (Demarcus Ware) defense intercepting front (DT) Aaron - Donald (Aaron Dona〉)

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