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from the University of Wyoming quarterback Josh Alan (Josh Allen) is expected to participate in all projects in the camp passing test, to scout and the audience to show their true ability. NFL English analyst Alan on the official website the number one draft arm full of praise. At a press conference on Monday, Mike (Mike Myock) - MA York Alan's arm and former champion show as a ratio, said he has "quarterback GA Markus Russell (JaMarcus Russell) has been one of the most powerful arms", also believe that holding the top sign and No. four Brown Alan will take away. Mayock said: "as the general manager of Cleveland, the two factors of weather and open field make powerful arm has become particularly important. Their new offensive coordinator from Pittsburgh Steelers, which means he has the experience to guide the Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) that has kylin arm players. In my opinion, Sam Sam Darnol cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d and Alan will be Brown's priority players. " is worth mentioning is that Alan in the University and the arm pass accuracy does not match, Brown scouts will also take this into account.obviously, no one bimark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) more love stadium food. In 2009, when he was a quarterback of New York jet team, he was photographed by a photographer on the scene of a match against Oakland Raiders. , however, Sanchez is not only a courtside chowhound hot dog. The Philadelphia hawks on Sunday night against the New York giants of the game, the eagles backup quarterback was the photographer to capture, but this time he was caught in the delicious chicken gobble down. but guess how we know the chicken chunk is so delicious? This is because chowhound said. After eating, it is not forgotten to recommend Nick Fowles (Nick Foles) and other teammates. "hot dog gate" took place in the competition of the 38 to 0 sweep of the Raiders in the jet fleet. This chicken block happened just last week in the 27 to 0 sweep of the giants. Basically it can be said that if this season the Hawks swept the opponent, to stare at Sanchez because he chowhound, is likely to have a new stadium delicacy recommended.'s discussion around the Denver wild horse quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) over the past few weeks may now be different. NFL official website reporter Albert Brill (Albert Breer) pointed out that Manning had been diagnosed with four muscle injuries in December, but he did not tell most of the details of the others, according to team members' information on Monday. For Manning's injury, the ESPN message was torn for four muscles, while Fawkes sports's Jay Glazer (Jay Glazer) was injured by four sides of both sides of the Manning, including one side pull (or partial tear) and the other side was serious contusion. The 38 year old quarterback for a 990 yard on 121 December 77 passes successfully, 3 touchdowns 6 passes was steals, the performance in the playoffs playing worse, he lost to the Indianapolis team in 13-24 games in the pony had only completed 56% passes and 1 touchdowns. , of course, Manning himself wouldn't use the injury as an excuse. Even though it makes people understand why wild horse will try new tactics in offensive team recently, wild horse still missed the chance to compete in the United States Championship and enter the super bowl for second consecutive years. In an interview after the game, Manning did not comment on the return of the 2015 season, which may be related to his state of mind at the moment. He is not only unable to perform the performance of his own standards, but may also take a long time and endure the pain of the injury. will he be back in the next season knowing that he may still have a similar encounter?NFL according to the famous media people Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) said yesterday that last season with the New York jets running back Chris - Johnson (Chris Johnson) on Sunday morning the shoulder was shot after being sent to Florida Orlando, the local hospital for treatment, is currently in stable condition. the local county government office said in a briefing, the incident in the morning 4 points to 09 points, while Johnson and the other two men sitting in a jeep, witnesses said, in Johnson's jeep in a red light, the side of a car came and stopped at the side of them, then to they fire. The chauffeur of the jeep died on the spot, and Johnson and another passenger escaped. At present, the murderer is still in the process of being wanted. Johnson was about to become a free agent tomorrow because the jet fleet rejected Johnson's earlier contract renewal.

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