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today is the Nerazzurri International Club of Milan's 110 birthday, in 110 years of ups and downs, inter gave birth to countless very crazy star. There is such a star, although he did not achieve what playing for inter memorable achievements, but one of his back, a goal, a celebration, a kiss, let all the Inter fans in mind, he is the melancholy Prince Robert Baggio. 1998 years after the world cup, with a season before Bologna's excellent play, and eye-catching performance of the French World Cup, Robert Baggio was president Massimo Moratti dug in the Nerazzurri, Juventus and AC Milan two Serie A giants, Baggio finally have the opportunity to join the club he supported as a boy. Put on a black shirt. , when Baggio chose the number, inadvertently made a classic that the Inter fans had to relish later. Baggio wants to wear on behalf of the core team jersey No. 10, while inter No. 10 belongs to the world player of the year, is in the occupation career peak aliens Ronaldo, Ronaldo willingly concede 10 Jersey to Baggio, but insisted on wearing the team's No. 9, No. 9, the original owner, but MORANO two big name, select number 18, to persuade the boss Moratti, proud and arrogant Chile Feng BA in the jersey of the "1" and "8" with a small "+", become "1+8", is still the No. 9 shirt, this has also cheap nfl jerseys free shipping become the history of the classic inter. however, dream of the combination Rolls Royce did not achieve the desired results in the injury, Ronaldo constantly, and Baggio only played one season strikes, met the enemy of life Lippi, two people relations deteriorated, stubborn Baggio refused to yield, after playing for inter two season, Baggio left Milan international that left 17 ball data in 59 games, Vieri Baggio Ronaldo - Super combination, only briefly teamed up a season dissolved.The official website of NFL | Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson | football ankle surgery Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson (Patrick Peterson) began to recover after surgery. Peterson right in November 23rd against Cincinnati tigers game ankle surgery, he underwent surgery at the beginning of the week and may be able to return to some time in the offseason training team organization. Peterson posted a picture on his bed on Wednesday in twitter to thank his doctor, who said the operation was going well. His teammate , cornerback Justin Bethel (Justin Bethel) received surgical treatment left foot fracture. He won't take part in the team training.(the shirt is all well) Beijing on October 13th news, according to the Losangeles local media reporter Janice Carle reports, using Twitter to spread the news is a good choice, such as unexpected events can spread rapidly in the world, but for some players, twitter might get them into trouble. most of the time, the players will love his recent footprint wrote on twitter on top, such as heat star Lebron - James, the twitter comments have often become all kinds of media headlines, and the influence scope of its spread is a be struck dumb. For example, said earlier this week, the alliance with the new season has shrunk, James wanted to do something to stop in time, so he asked on twitter NFL signing deadline, so many people have speculated that James intends to go to rugby league, now on the news that the emperor's speech has been attracting a NFL team coach of the team's attention, even as Lebron rushed in jersey. James, in order to ridicule the embarrassing situation of the season shrinking, earlier sent a message to ESPN Rugby commentator John Clayton on Twitter: when is the deadline for the NFL team to sign a free player? The news also caused great waves. Before that, the local media in Miami also said that James would probably join Rugby League, while the Emperor himself trained in the recent rugby team and participated in the training of Dallas cowboys. Now he has been favored by the rugby league coach. He thought of Kobe's "Kobe night" scandal. Maybe it will be another funny topic next. (Sohu sports graduate) this article related recommendation (responsible editor: Zhao Yongjie) I come to the news error correctionThe official website of NFL | November China United League player | football announced when the season has passed, we have seen a Pittsburgh Steelers great players and a prominent performance of the season. Antonio, the Antonio Antonio, continued to help the team score and ravaged the second line defence in his sixth season, becoming the best attacking player of the US in November. At the end of the month, Brown ranked second (1192 yards) in the League of second (1192 yards) and could get 1734 yards from a new career. In November, Brown completed the most dominant performance of the season, 284 yards for 17 times in the match against the Oakland Raiders. His Steelers currently 6 wins and 5 losses, due to the relative record of reason in the wild card seat one step away. also athletic running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) in November to become the National League offensive player. Because of his 634 - yard performance in only 5 games, he became a powerful competitor to the best comeback of the year. As the coalition's running backs, Peterson in November scored 5 touchdowns, leading the Vikings to 8 wins and 3 losses ranked first in the North union. November AFC defensive player: Houston Dezhou defence front end J.J. watts (J.J. Watt), the number of captured and killed most of the players League (13.5) November defensive player of the year award, the Miami dolphins once let the weak get more than 40 points of the Dezhou defence group showed a rebound, unbeaten in November, average every game opponents only 8.5 points. Watt at that time had 7.5 sacks, he is now a 5 month history of receiving the award award as the number more than 2 defensive players, only to get 6 Reggie White (Reggie White). in November, the best secret service player of the United States League: Indianapolis pony player Adam Viniateri (Adam Vinatieri), the veteran is still on the field struggling, and he performs well. Of his 3 victories in November, he hit 11 free kicks, and he was killed in the game against the Atlanta falcons. November National League defensive player: Arizona Cardinals safety. - Matthew (Tyrann Mathieu) Milly, Matthew appeared on the pitch of all places. He had 27 grabs in November, 6 break passes and 2 copies. Keep the cardinals in 4 games unbeaten in November. November, the NFC special teams player: the Carolina Panthers kicker Graham Janot (Graham Gano), in the league only.

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