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The official website of NFL | Adam - Gates will join crow or Jaguars football | yesterday, the Denver Broncos announced Gray Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) will become the head coach of the team next season, therefore, another candidate Adam - Gates (Adam Gase) had to find another club. NFL according to the famous media people Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported on Monday that Gates hopes to become the Jacksonville Jaguars or Baltimore crow team next season's offensive coordinator, crow team will have an interview with the local time on Monday night. Perhaps, an opportunity to join Gates crow team is also successful in the short term, because pay more attention to passing he is likely to be four Joe Fraco (Joe Flacco) the maximum strength. The Jaguar team will also soon meet with Gates, the Jaguars quarterback Blake young - bottos (Blake Bortles) still have great potential, but they need to find more powerful players on the offensive li cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ne, or waiting for them is perhaps a less negative and more wins of the season.The official website of NFL | jiwote Bree with concussion to leave early | football of the Minnesota Vikings defeated the Saint Louis rams in 21-18 games, the team quarterback Teddy jiwote (Teddy Bridgewater) - Bree Sergio Marcus Joyner suffered a ram's horn (Lamarcus Joyner) collision, with concussion to leave early. then, the former ram quarterback, Vikings substitute for the quarterback Sean - Hill (Shaun Hill) on the field. According to official reports, Bree jiwote injury is not serious, but the team did not arrange for the conservative, he returned to the sidelines. Before leaving the field, Bridji Wouter tried to pass the ball 21 times, completed 13 times, pushed 144 yards, was copied one time but completed a flush ball. finally, the Vikings with the Blair - Welsh (Blair Walsh) 40 - yard free kick, overtime to kill the winner. The team will be in the next few days to observe the Joyner jiwote Bristol, is likely to encounter fines.Over half of the season, each team has to start counting the points. In addition, China's "double 11" is exactly the United States' veterans day to commemorate the war ceasefire and the soldiers who have given up their freedom for the freedom of the country. Any freedom is hard to come and pay tribute to all the soldiers! No national boundaries! weekly top 12 power list does not represent what the playoffs ranking problem, because we all know that even third Spanish American teams can easily beat the US top. And this has happened. first bit Patriot (7-1) for two consecutive weeks first team not because the holiday week is affected, but 7 wins and 1 patriots are still not out of the big news last week of trading. We'll see the defensive coordinator Matt Patricia layout after the Jamie Collins next week. Remember that after Chandler Jones was traded, he called Bill Belichick to thank you for not trading himself to a "rotten team"? Don't look at Brown. It's you. Yes, that Collins did not make that call. second bit cowboy (7-1) Dallas small train "whining" where there is no sign of stopping. The cowboy is the only team in the league that has a greater proportion of running than passing the ball, which seems to deviate from the concept of rugby today. And you know what? The face of Brown still hasn't changed. The Cowboys chose 42 run ball chose only 28 passes, I believe that Sunday's Jason Garrett will still face the implementation of this policy. Some people also see how Ezekiel Elliott "only" pushed the 92 yards. But he all reached 5.1. almost forgot, he also completed 2 touchdowns. third ( = 1); (6-2) chief - Mamma Mia, invincible ah! But who is the big guy? Which is the only team that has 2-0 of the civil war, and who is the big guy. Emirates this season has completed a raid on the lightning and the double play. But 5 points did not take the Jaguar into the field of vision, because it was the right victory. The chieftain did not rely on Alex Smith (the field was not activated), Jamaal Charles (the field was not activated), Spencer Ware (the field was not activated), Jeremy Maclin (first half injury).The official website of NFL | Bracey and his wife to pray for the arrival of a new life | football which family is complete without a daughter? New Orleans saints star four point guard Drew Bracey (Drew Brees) missed the training of the team on Monday, and his reasons were so hard to refuse. His wife, Blatner, gave birth to a baby girl, while Bracey had to wait for the new family to come. actually, the child is the fourth child of Mr. and Mrs. Bracey and the first girl. Let me congratulate the Bracey family! Did you know that Bracey was wearing glasses?!

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