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The official website of NFL |49 boss: Bauman is in excellent condition | football San Francisco 49 star linebacker Nawoluo - Bauman (NaVorro Bowman) has returned to training last week, the 2013 season in the National League Championship Series in knee injury defensive core for the upcoming challenge ready. Team coach Jim - Tom Sura (Jim Tomsula) also said that Bauman's recovery is very good. Tom and Sura said: Bauman looks great. We will see him as an experienced force, rather than a veteran who just recovered from injury. In addition, the team manager also praised the 2103 season of the 6 round of the new rookie Nick Moodie (Nick Moody), and said the team's existing line defens cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e lineup is good enough. When asked whether Lance - Bridges (Lance Briggs) would be introduced, Tom and Sura denied it again. in the offseason, 49 people lost Patrick - Willis (Patrick Willis) and Chris Belland (Chris Borland). The team plans to arrange Bauman's partner Michael - Hoyt (Michael Wilhoite) to serve as the team's first interior line guard. Bauman himself is confident that it can help 49 defensive teams back on the right track.The official website of NFL | Manchester Zell new tricks: Twitter announced mobile phone number | football on Friday night, Brown Manziel, a new rookie quarterback of Cleveland's Johnny, seemed to have made a mistake on the biggest social networking site in the US, Johnny. Of course, no one knows what to do on purpose. Manzel accidentally released his 7 mobile phone number on twitter. After that, the twitter was deleted quickly, but the screenshot of the news SI.COM website retained. belongs to Sanantonio and Kerr in Dezhou based on the phone number, which is exactly where Manzel lives. Manzel is still Brown's backup quarterback, every action but the former Heisman winners are almost on the most popular social media rankings. now Manzel has not received a lot of phone calls, but it is estimated that the message is full.even-even soccer equipment network Premier League Championship Bournemouth released a New Jersey, New Jersey will accompany them for the UK's top football tournament, it is one of the best league in the world of football. traditional and strong red and black striped shirt shirt for the whole shape is very special, and a golden shirt is so very grade. The inside of the collar of the shirt is sewn with an edge, which is printed with "Together, anything is possible" (unity, everything is possible). The slogan narrowed the distance between fans and clubs, supported them to rush to the Premier League, and at the same time, from the creative point of view, this slogan was also very successful. The sponsors hit heavy gold to support the team, which could be said to have increased the confidence and motivation of the sponsors.NFL????|????????????????????????????|????? The Carolina Panther's line guard Luke Kuchili (Luke Kuechly) will finish his career in the first five years of the Panther team. ESPN reported that the Panthers would be on the team's ace defender inside linebacker Cuccioli used rookie contract fifth year renewal options. Kuchili's 4 year rookie contract will expire at the end of the 2015 season, so the team choose to use the fifth year renewal option. He will not become a free player until the end of the 2016 season. was taken off by a panther at ninth in the 2012 draft, with 473 grabs, 6 escapement and 7 cuts in the first three seasons.

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