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The Shanghai club |2015 Bowling bowling tournament held in this group of friends happy Ding Jie bowling alley ??????????????????????????????????икид??????????????????????????????????????????????????????2015??????????????club??????????Washington red skinned quarterback Kirk Cousins (Kirk Cousins) cut her annual income to 16 million dollars, and is willing to play with the privilege tag in the 2016 season. this is unbelievable decision for a newly completed super performance of the players, $16 million a year means that the cousins as Andy - Dalton (Andy Dalton) and cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) but when the two and Cousins in a period of occupation career than he is now much better. The Si has many potential Essien, in recent years the League quarterback basically higher than the annual income of $18 million, but last season, only 10 people completed more than 4000 yards passing. Only 8 people completed more than 29 passes, and only 4 were cut less than 11. obviously koxin's performance last season is really good, but what he has said before is not enough to prove what it is, at least not enough to confirm that he is eligible to get the top ten quarterback income of the league.The official website of NFL | Rivera declined to say whether the truce | football star arrangement 13 wins and 0 losses have been identified in the Carolina first playoff bye week, coach Ron - Rivera (Ron Rivera) also have to face the problem: challenge 16 in a row, or arrange the main players of moderate truce. Rivera said in an interview: I can't tell you what I think now. I can't reveal the team's plan, we will go all the way to every game and send the players that I think are necessary. Our ultimate goal is to win the super bowl, and now we have a lot to think about, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. this week if the Panthers win, and the Arizona Cardinals lose, they will ensure that the League of nations become the number one seed. Officials have revealed that Rivera will not consider arranging a star truce until at least the home advantage of the playoffs. Compared to the rest of players, the Panther's attitude is very clear about the injury, the team hopes to enter the playoffs with the most healthy lineup. Running Jonathan - Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) will continue to go out this week.Eric - Berri (Eric Berry) is back! The Kansas chief star safetys was found in the last season with Hodgkin lymphoma (malignant tumor), this time in the United States on Saturday against the Arizona Cardinals preseason return. before the start of the game, Berri hugged the most important person in his life - his mother, as he had previously promised. This scene was fixed by our reporters. Berri, who graduated from Tennessee, was the first round of 2010 draft. The career completed 289 grappling and 8 copies.

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