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The official website of NFL |50 Super Bowl football | gold lineup released Joe Joe (Montana Montana), Joe Green (Joe Greene) and Emmet Smith (Emmitt Smith) are among the 22 Hall of fame players selected for the 50 Super Bowl. was selected by the Professional Football Hall of fame voters committee to commemorate the best player in the history of the super bowl. According to the hall of fame Executive Vice President Joe Horrigan said in a statement, this lineup is reminiscent of the greatest performance in Super Bowl history, such as Lynn Swan (Lynn Swann) high ball in the tenth session of the super bowl or Joe Montana in the twenty-third Super Bowl team win the winning attack. The array consists of 1 degrees (five player to win the defensive end Charles - Harry (Charles Haley) 10) and won four championship rings player: Montana, Green, Ronnie Lott (Ronnie Lott), Franco Harris cheap nfl jerseys free shipping (Franco Harris), Lynn Swan (Lynn Swann), Mike - Webster (Mike Webster), Mel Blount (Mel Blount), Jack Hamm (Jack Ham), Jack Lambert (Jack Lambert) and only one player is also the only all voted Adam - Viniateri (Adam Vinatieri). and team coach chuck Noll (Chuck Noll) who led Pittsburgh Steelers won four times, they have 7 players in the squad. was also selected and Hall of Famer Jerry rice (Jerry Rice), the Schell (Art Shell), Jean Shaw (Gene Upshaw), Earp Reggie White (Reggie White), Randy White (Randy White), Duhem Saunders (Deion Sanders), Laurence Taylor (Lawrence Taylor), Forest Greg (Forrest Gregg), ray Gaye (Ray Guy) and Larry Alan (Larry Allen). Others were selected by Jay Novacek, Novacek Scott (Jake Scott), Lei Lewis (Ray Lewis) and Desmond Howard (Desmond Howard). three of them have won the most valuable players in the regular season: Montana, Smith and Taylor. 〉local time on Friday, Washington Red Skin announced that the team has agreed with a former San Francisco 49 Chris Culliver Chris Culliver for a 4 year contract worth 32 million dollars. As the 2011 season's 3 round pick, the 26 year old Kulifu occupation career first four seasons spent in 49, he has gradually grown into the backbone of the team's reliable defence. In the new contract, Kulif will get 5 million of the contract and have 16 million guarantees. The next season, the basic wage Kulifu will get 3 million, and caused 4 million 250 thousand impact on the salary cap. Although Kulif had suffered a knee injury before the start of last season, he still had a big outbreak in the following season. Kulif's career is still on the rise, and the area he defended last season only allowed his opponent to finish a 5 pass pass, and the quarterback score was only 66.5. related sources say that red skin will continue to examine the defender in the next few days and try to pursue practical players with high cost performance. The arms race in the eastern region of the League of Nations has become more and more intense, and the red skin naturally does not want to fall behind.even-even soccer equipment network in our heart is black - white - green!" Under the slogan, the 96 club in Hannover, Germany, together with the shirt provider JAKO company, announced the team's new 2014-15 - new home and guest field three shirts. Hannover players Lars ·, Stindl (Lars Stindl), Leon ·, Andreassen (Leon Andreasen), He Sailu (Joselu) and Marcus ·, Miller (Markus Miller) attended the launching ceremony of the New Jersey.The official website of NFL | Kelly coach let Philadelphia Jersey seller very tangled | football , if you wear the Philadelphia eagle's shirt, printed with Jeremy Mclean (Jeremy Maclin), Le Sean Mccoy (LeSean McCoy) or nick Fowles (Nick Foles), then you can only say that you can't catch up with the trend. coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) last month's trading action, the team began to tangle how to store ordering New Jersey. recently, the hawk's jersey chief executive interviewed me: "I don't know what Kelly is going to do. I have no choice but to put my shirt on our store. Unless I can make sure that the player Kelly has brought back today is the man who will stay on the court after the summer. , who wants to invest heavily in the jersey of Sam Sam (Bradford Bradford), and find that he has been traded to Tennessee Titan, or bought the jersey of DeMarco Murray (DeMarco Murray) and found Kelly to return Mccoy? so the money saving fans wait to wait and wait until September 10th to start buying your favorite Jersey.

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