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even-even soccer equipment network Championship side Nottingham forest together with the release of the new season Adidas limited edition second jersey. This is the Adidas Tabela14tiger news August 19th Jordan Howard - Chicago bears Paowei (Jordan Howard) eye injury in practice Friday, need surgery. It will not participate in the preseason Saturday night against the cardinals. The bear team said Howard's cornea was worn, but it was not serious. Howard will still be the starting runner in the regular season, and the bear team will pick out his substitute from the list. Jeremy Langford (Jeremy Langford) will also miss the game on Saturday with an ankle injury. Tariq - Cohen (Tarik Cohen) - katim and Carlyle (Ka 'Deem Carey) will get a chance to play in this competition, two people will be No. three running back position. Howard, a 22 year old, finished 252 times in the rookie last year and got 1313 yards.in March 7th, Anta Sports Products Limited officially announced in Hangzhou as partner of Zhejiang cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Green City Football Club and sports equipment sponsors, and released the 2018 season's new home and field jersey of Zhejiang Green City Football Club. This is the first time Anta has worked with professional football clubs in the new season, Zhejiang green city football club players will be wearing Anta equipment in the first game. Anta green city player map Anta Green City home shirt captain Chen Bailiang shows home Zhejiang Greentown football club new season shirt by Anta overseas design team, in the continuation of the traditional club at the same time, show the Zhejiang football team to defend the honor mission through the humanities landscape elements into the unique local color. At the same time, the New Jersey also pays tribute to the glorious history of the club for the past 20 years by joining the special design of the 20th anniversary commemorative club. Zhejiang Greentown Football Club New Jersey Club classic home court continued green appearance, and draw inspiration from the Hangzhou City townhouse arrangement of the street, with subtle green thin vertical stripes, forming vertical stripes like turf texture appearance, showing the team with strong sense of organization and rules. The green stripe also incorporates the "V" pattern that symbolizes victory, showing the team's infinite desire for the victory. fan Jinming show door service ? Fan Jinming's display of this year is the 20th anniversary of the Zhejiang Green City Football Club. Therefore, the new season's jersey also added a number of special designs for the 20th anniversary commemorative clubs. Jersey chest add an elaborate 20th Anniversary Special Edition badge, and a symbol of noble elements and floating golden ribbon pattern. In addition, the words "1998-2018" and "20 Years" show the 20 years' experience of the team that defends the honor of Zhejiang football. photo 's simple and comfortable sports round collar design makes the New Jersey home court Jersey more modern in the new season. The golden border around the collar symbolizes the team's desire for honor. The collar of the collar with golden "Zhejiang Greentown F.C. 20th Anniversary" (Zhejiang Green City Football Club 20th Anniversary Memorial) words. Behind a gold collar with 20th Anniversary Club souvenir badges, badges in addition to join the "20 Years Anniversary" (20th anniversary anniversary) ", the number" 0 "is added from the flower pattern badge in the meaning of perfect conjugal bliss. crowns show off On both sides of the shirt, a bright green film punching with the appearance of the Anta DNA element is added to the body.The general manager of NFL's official website | Brown said Gordon will not change | football team Cleveland Brown took over Josh Gordon (Josh Gordon) of the ten match ban is coming to an end, is expected to return this month at the end of the month. Last season as the ball Mawang, the return of Gordon can be said to be the focus of concern are the League news, Brown is also in desperate need of Gordon to improve the efficiency of the attack. However, Brown general manager, Ray Farmer, said in an interview that he did not expect Gordon to save Brown's attack. He only hoped Gordon could return to the field as soon as possible and adapt to the new system of. Farmar said: let's change the existing tactical system to feed Gordon on the ball? To be honest, I don't think it's good for the team. Of course, I know he is a very talented player. He can do many things on the court, but it is not feasible for the team to break the status quo and adapt to him. Only a team can win. Talent can not win us. Farmar deliberately used this vague expression to decompress Gordon, and he didn't even answer directly whether Gordon's body and spirit were ready to play. But apparently Farmer Be any person look forward to the return of Gordon, starting quarterback Blaine Heuer is the same, the team's lack of reliable catch points to help Heuer, and he and Gordon had had a very good match, we expect Gordon will bring the kind of performance in return.

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