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The official website of NFL |49 people to give up the offensive line players Jonathan - Martin | Rugby 49 in San Francisco have chosen to give up their attacking player Jonathan Martin (Jonathan Martin). The team announced on Thursday in the United States that they will choose not to carry out Martin's one season contract. in March last year, 49 people came to Martin from Miami dolphin trading. According to NFL official investigation, the dolphin offensive players including 2 people involved in continuous personal harassment against Martin, which also contributed to Martin's transaction. last season Martin replaced the injured Anthony Davies at the right tackle position (Anthony Davis) the first 7 games, but with 7.5 quarterback was sacked. Martin was selected in the second round in 2012 and graduated from Stanford University.NFL's official website, quarterback Rodgers still believes the packers can control the situation in football nest only got 4 - 6 and third of Green Bay Packers in the North District of the National League. It is possible that the playoffs could n cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ot be promoted in one month. 's bad defensive team had 4 games in a row to make his opponent more than 30 points, the first time since 1953. So let the performance of the packers to the playoffs but suffered four successive defeats. but, led by the quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers), the packers were still excellent in the attack team. Rodgers has been ranked the number one in the world since seventh weeks ago. He ranked the first in the field of flying code and passing to the ball. He believed that the packers had enough talent to help them win the last 6 matches. I feel that we can control the situation, and I really think so, Rodgers told ESPN. The attack team began to be more productive, and we had to play a more stable game from the first to the last. I think we're close to that. We have really done very well in the last few games. but it's important that we get into the state earlier. We started the 3 attack against the Redskins game are direct three great offensive punt, but from the entire season, we are not restricted three attack into punt as well. We have been a good continuation of the attack. the next packers will face the Philadelphia hawks, Houston Dezhou, Seattle Seahawks, the Chicago bears, Minnesota Vikings and Detroit lions. For the packers in 1915 affected by injuries, the unbeaten looks almost need a miracle, but Rodgers refused to admit defeat. you feel that you only need to win a game, he said. We win the next game, and things may go in the direction that is in our favor and we can control the situation. ? The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL, the line suffered injuries, stalking the giant Rugby nest tiger June 16th news because of the mini training camp in the ban on equipment, and the ban on collision, we are very difficult to see the quality of the attack front. , but the New York giants can confirm that they are facing the problem of staff shortage, because two first and a veteran substitute have missed some training camp due to injury. , according to media reports, Justin - Pugh left guard (Justin Pugh) suffered a sprained back, left Jiefeng. Rick flowers (Ereck Flowers) and backup guard (D.J. Fluker) D.J. fluke due to injury from training. is not getting nervous at the beginning (but the sooner the more tense the better), after all, the giant has six weeks to start from the training camp. After , two players did not play, but Pugh said he was not worried about the injury to be a long-term problem. I was just back in the back, and they didn't let me take part in the training. Pugh said. Flowers's injury was described as pain, which is due to some problems left fluke arm or shoulder. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.even though he could not play the new England patriots game, quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) at the weekend to find a way out of line. Brady and University of Michigan coach Jim - Harbert (Jim Harbaugh) on Saturday afternoon against University of Michigan University of Colorado before the start of the game with practice ball. The weekend as the team captain back to honor his alma mater. Brady arrived in Ann Arbor late Friday for the team and made a speech, but he and the team before the meeting, he and his son passed some balls in the University stadium. Saturday afternoon back to the stadium and Brady arrived in Michigan shortly after the team entered the locker room. Harbert and Brady stood on the pitch in a place of 25 yards. Harbert was also seriously wearing shoes and gloves. At the end of the game, said Harbert said the exchange was "exciting." "when I look back on the experience of playing with different people, it's as good as my father's experience," he said. His speech was excellent before the game. This is a good speech. I think so from the bottom of my heart. He talked about every position and told them that they expected them to play the performance of their predecessors. Since 1999, University of Michigan Brady played after the last match does not appear in the game in his alma mater. A lot of fans were wearing the Patriot shirt to welcome him.

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